Hi Everyone,


My name is Perline Paul and I am the host of Today's Young Professional. Today's Young Professional is a 30-minute podcast dedicated to inspiring young professionals and helping them achieve all things greatness! As an offshoot of the core TYP podcast, the Tailor Your Peace segment features 10-minute episodes, discussing mental health, self-care and wellness topics.

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Perline Paul, Saint Leo University


TODAY'S YOUNG PROFESSIONAL features timely content and speaks to the issues young professionals face along their career journey. You must be wondering why you should take advice from me? Why should you trust me? Well, I too am a young professional, therefore I can relate to many of the things you are experiencing. I work in Advertising as a Media professional and obtained my MBA from Saint Leo University (GO LIONS!). 


I have great topics planned and guests that are thriving in their respective careers. I look forward to interacting with you. Don't forget to follow the TYP podcast by clicking here and follow me on Instagram or connect with me via email:


Oh, and feel free to tell me about what you'd like to hear, ask questions, or not. Perhaps you have insight to share? Insights are always welcome:)


  • Core Episodes (Monthly, every 21st of the month)

  • Tailor Your Peace (Weekly, every Friday)