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Being A Young Professional In Today's World

Updated: May 17, 2018

When I think of young professionals, the following comes to mind...

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the TYP blog! In this blog post we cover what it means to be a young professional. So, here it goes, when I think of young professionals in today’s world – The following comes to mind:


o As a young professional myself, I can relate to the solidification one receives from obtaining good feedback or a head nod from a manager or a peer regarding your performance

o However, the feeling one gets in knowing that they produce great work is priceless

o Understanding that you set your own bar and only you can solidify yourself is key

o So, go forth young professionals! Continue to self-identify your greatness, don’t wait for it to be told to you (far too often we do this)


o I’ve noticed that young professionals are taking their careers by the horns and really making a mark for themselves

o By accepting opportunities that align with your goals, you set yourself up for success and are one step closer to your end goal


o Today’s young professionals are aware!

o Today’s young professionals are leaders!

  • Not only within their respective organizations, but also within their communities and society as a whole

o Awareness is key to self-improvement


o We are chic!

o I’m fortunate enough to work in an office that allows for casual dressing, I have the option of dressing up or down depending on my mood

o Holy Grail Pieces:

  • Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  • Rag & Bone Newbury Canvas boots

  • Alexander Wang Rocco bag, Black Leather <3


o It’s a yes for me! This is needed

o Simply put, work gets tough

  • Ground yourself in optimism or you’ll drive yourself insane

o #goodvibes


o I continue to meet awesome young professionals that are challenging the “norm”

o Re-thinking what is not possible should be your way of life

o Question things, the worst that could happen is…nothing really

  • Questioning the status-quo is necessary if you intend to be a leader

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